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If you like, you can get any file in compressed form by adding a
.Z, .gz or .zip to the end and it will be compressed, GNU zipped or
DOS zipped before it is sent to you.

Leave off the .Z or .gz suffix from existing file name
and the file will be uncompressed (ungzipped) automatically.
It may be useful for getting compressed text files as ASCII into
the DOS format (\n\r), since they are kept in the UNIX format (\n).

You can get as well any directory subtree as a whole by adding a
.tar.Z, .tar.gz ( .tgz ) or .zip to the end of directory name.

Leaving off the .tar, .tar.Z, .tar.gz, .tgz or .zip suffix from
the existing archive file name, you can receive list of this
archive's contents.

This is Russian FTP-site, so there are some Russian text files here.
Our host uses KOI8-R cyrillic charset, all the Russian text files
( except READ.ME.rus.* ) do so. If you want to convert texts
to another charset on the fly, just add one of the following suffixes
to the file name:
   .dos - to get a file in DOS alternative charset ( CP866 );
   .win - to get a file in Windows cyrillic charset ( CP1251 );
   .iso - to get a file in ISO-8859-5 charset;
   .mac - to get a file in MacOS_Cyrillic charset.